The return of Chris Sale

The return of Chris Sale (34, Boston Red Sox), who is trying to restore his past reputation, is imminent. He will soon be out in minor league rehab. The Boston Globe, a media outlet in the Boston area, reported on the 27th that Seil, who is undergoing rehabilitation, will appear on Live BP on the 28th (hereinafter Korean time). He added that if Sale is successful with this live BP, he will start minor league rehab on August 2nd.

Previously, Sale left in early June due to left shoulder inflammation. Shoulder injuries are the most feared thing for pitchers. However, it appears that his injuries were not serious. Sale struggled with an ERA of 6.75 in April, but showed a stable appearance with an ERA of 2.42 in May. As a result, expectations for his resurrection also increased.

Excluding the big slump in his first 3 games, he showed a stable appearance with an ERA of 2.87 in the following 8 games. Arrest is also back. Now, after a minor league rehab, 안전놀이터 Sale will return in mid- or late-August and try to continue the good form of late April and May. Sale, who has been in his 13th year in the major leagues, has not been able to show much after a long-term contract with Boston. This is because he has only played in 11 games over the past two years due to injury.

Now, Sale’s guaranteed contract with Boston has only one season left. Until the 2024 season. It remains to be seen whether Sale will be able to look like the Chicago White Sox during his remaining years.

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