‘Kim Min-jae is not being kicked out’…Bundesliga monster to join Munich

김민재는 안 쫓겨난다'…분데스 괴물, 뮌헨 입단설→"방출생은 우파메카노"

German giants Bayern Munich appear to be on the hunt for center back reinforcements. In particular, the Bavarians have reportedly set their sights on defender Jonatan Tah, who helped Bayer Leverkusen to their first title since 1904 this season.

Fortunately, Tah’s arrival does not appear to be a target for any of Munich’s existing defenders, including Kim Min-jae. The Bavarians are reportedly looking to move French international defender Dayo Upamecano, who has been relegated to the bench alongside Kim.

Kim Min-jae is facing a potentially turbulent time in Munich. Munich are set to let Thomas Tuchel go at the end of the season and bring in a new manager. However, whoever comes in will need to strengthen their defense, and a proven center back in the Bundesliga would be a welcome addition.

First of all, Florian Plettenberg, who works for Sky Sports Germany and is the most familiar with Munich news and was the first to report that Kim Min-jae was likely to join Munich in June last year, confirmed Munich’s interest in Ta on his social media on the 24th.

“Munich are in talks with Ta’s agent,” Plettenberg wrote. “Munich have been impressed with his performances this season,” Plettenberg wrote, “He has a number of options, but for now he is leaving the door open for his next step this summer and Munich have taken the opportunity. However, he insists that no agreement or negotiations have taken place yet.

For now, it appears that Tah’s agent has made an offer to Munich.

“There is no price tag on Tah yet,” Plettenberg said. Leverkusen want to extend Tah’s contract, which ends in the summer of 2025.”

Tae was born in 1996 and is 195 centimeters tall. He is the same age as Kim Min-jae. Already capped 23 times by the German national team, Tah has shown that he has the attacking ability to match his defender, scoring four goals in 27 Bundesliga appearances this season. Leverkusen won the Bundesliga this season for the first time in the club’s 120-year history, and much of the credit goes to the center backs, including Tah and Burkina Faso defender Edmond Topsova.

Tah had been linked with a move to Munich since his early 20s, but nothing materialized. In his late 20s, he finally got his chance to join the Bavarians as he reached his peak. The fatal mistakes that have been pointed out in the past have also been largely absent this season.

However, Ta’s potential arrival in Munich is not good news for Kim Min-jae. Not only do their positions overlap, but Ta’s left-footedness allows him to play on the left side of the center back position, which is where Kim usually plays in Munich’s back four. Still, with Kim’s position becoming increasingly unclear, he and Tah share the same position. Unlike Kim’s up-and-down start to his Bundesliga debut this season, Tah is already acclimatized to the Bundesliga.

Tah’s departure is also not good news for France international Dayo Upamecano, who has been Munich’s starting 카지노사이트 center back for the first half of the season alongside Kim Min-jae.

With Tah, Munich will have five first-team center backs. The existing defenders are Kim Min-Jae and Upamecano, along with Eric Dier and Matthias Düricht, who has been a regular in the second half of the season. That’s five players too many, even considering the UEFA Champions League. It’s time to organize, and the German media is saying that Upamecano will be the first to go rather than Kim Min-jae.

“If Bayern Munich were to buy Jonatan Tah from Leverkusen, they would have to sell a defender,” Christian Falk, the editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Sport Bild, said on social media on Friday, adding that Upamecano would be the first choice.

His report seems to suggest that Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli in a €50 million ($73 billion) transfer last summer, will stay at the club for now. Of course, Kim has been the subject of transfer speculation lately after falling out of favor with Munich. Inter Milan, who won the Italian Serie A title this season, Juventus, the top Italian club, and Napoli, his hometown team. For now, Kim is hoping to compete for the starting role once a new coach arrives in Munich.


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