Shiftup CEO Kim Hyung-hyung “‘Stellar Blade’ is a new attempt…we will continue to challenge”

ShiftUp, the developer behind Destiny Child and Goddess of Victory: Nikke’, ShiftUp, the developer of outstanding mobile games, is taking on a new challenge with Stellar Blade, a new AAA console title. The PS5 exclusive, “Stellar Blade,” which features a charming beautiful girl character, “Eve,” whose colors are still alive and well, is attracting the attention of many gamers with its high-quality graphics and spectacular action.

In an interview with reporters at Shiftup’s headquarters near Gangnam Station in Seoul, CEO Kim Hyung-jeong expressed his excitement for Stellar Blade. “There weren’t many single-player console games in Korea that emphasized narrative. “From level design to combat design, cutscenes to show the story, facial expressions, lip syncing, and more, there is no game in Korea that has tried everything,” he said, attaching great significance to the new endeavor.

Kim said the most challenging part of the project was recruiting console game development staff. “The entire project took about five years,” he said. It’s been five years since we started with one person,” he said, adding, “The first two years or so were spent organizing the team.” “It was a challenge to recruit the right people, to learn on our own, and to apply it to the game. I think we’ve been successful,” he said, indicating that the hard work has paid off.

As a project that has put a lot of work into it, there are many things they want to appeal to users. “There are a lot of things we want you to notice,” says Kim Hyung-jeong, “The appearance of the main character, Eve, is attractive, and the battles are cool. We also put a lot of thought into the level design. The beginning is straightforward, but there are many side routes. We also put a lot of thought into creating different environments that are worth exploring. In addition to the city of Zion, there are many hidden elements in the semi-open-world setting, such as the wasteland and the Great Curtain. You’ll be able to explore a lot of different areas as you move around.”

Stellar Blade is a sci-fi action-adventure game. Great graphics and charming characters are important, but the action in battle is just as important. CEO Kim Hyung-jeong also emphasized the action in Stellar Blade. “At the beginning of the game, you have to fight with a rather monotonous skill-based battle, but as the game progresses, you can learn various skills and unlock skills through equipment. You can also use gears to direct the action in any direction you want. You can use four gears, three of which are speed gears, to make you faster and perform combos that you wouldn’t normally be able to pull off. You can also equip a defense-oriented gear or a dodge-oriented gear.”

Unlike the beautiful girl protagonist of ‘Stellar Blade,’ the enemies that ‘Eve’ faces are more grotesque than beautiful. “It’s related to the story. There’s a narrative reason for that, but I can’t tell you right now. “What I can tell you now is that we intentionally designed the enemies to be repulsive. They don’t have eyes, they have weird faces, etc. As you play the game, you’ll see why we did that.”

There will be 20 bizarrely shaped bosses in total in the launch version. With a moderate amount of side quests, Kim estimates that the game will take 25 hours to complete. However, if you go after all the collectibles, you can expect to spend upwards of 35 hours. “The difficulty level varies from boss to boss,” says Kim. If it’s difficult, you can adjust the difficulty level, and there’s also an assist function. I didn’t time it, but you can also watch the story quickly in easy mode. Hard mode will be more challenging,” he says.

One of the recent trends in gaming has been collaborations. ShiftUp is planning to collaborate with a popular maiden game at the same time as the release of Stellar Blade. Kim said, “The cross-collaboration with ‘NIKE’ has been finalized. We are also planning to pursue other collaborations in the future.” Regarding updates and DLC releases, Kim said, “We plan to continue to update simple costume additions after the game’s release.” “If users want, we will also consider releasing voluminous DLC,” he added.

ShiftUp is going public after hitting the jackpot with ‘Nikke’. The performance of ‘Stellar Blade’ is 메이저토토사이트 crucial. “It’s difficult to predict the sales of console games, so we don’t have a specific numerical target,” said Kim Hyung-jeong, but he expressed confidence, saying, “We have prepared to satisfy both core and lite users.”

He continued, “We will continue to challenge regardless of commercial performance. The domestic game market is very much concentrated, and it’s hard to respond to the future in that way. We had a hard time trying to make console games because we didn’t have enough manpower. I think developers need to be prepared as the market changes rapidly. We’ll continue to make it with a sense of mission,” he said, expressing his determination to continue taking on new challenges.

‘Stellar Blade’ is scheduled for release on April 26th. ShiftUp’s CEO Kim Hyung-hyung and the rest of the team are excited. “The day has finally come to showcase ‘Stellar Blade’ to everyone on PS5. I’m excited and looking forward to everyone’s reaction. The trial version is coming out on the 29th, and I hope you can play it. It’s a completely different experience than just looking at it. Stay tuned for more content in the full release.”


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