Senior Park Heung-sik and Kim Han-soo hit Doosan confirms 2024 coaching staff positions

Coach Park Heung-sik will be the head coach of the Doosan Bears in 2024 and will assist Doosan coach Seung-yeop Lee.On the 5th, professional baseball Doosan confirmed and announced coaching staff positions for the 2024 season.Newly hired coach Park Heung-sik will serve as the first team head coach.Although this is Coach Park Heung-sik’s first time wearing a Doosan uniform, his relationship with Coach Lee Seung-yeop is deep. Coach Park met Coach Seung-yeop Lee as a coach and hitter when he was playing for the Samsung Lions.Coach Lee, who was loved and called the ‘nation’s hitter’ during his active years, called Coach Park his ‘teacher.’However, Coach Lee looked at ‘skill and experience’ rather than ‘relationship’ and suggested the recruitment of Coach Park to the Doosan Club.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is entering his second season as head coach, made a ‘recruitment offer’ to coach Park Heung-sik, saying, “Come to Doosan and give me advice.” Doosan also judged that Coach Park, who has nearly 30 years of leadership experience at Samsung, KIA Tigers, Nexen Heroes (now Kiwoom), and Lotte since 1996, could be a good ‘advisor’ for Coach Lee.Coach Kim Han-soo, who served as head coach in 2023, will focus on batting next year.Coach Kim Han-soo and Lee Young-soo are in charge of the first team’s batting.Coaches Woong-cheon Cho and Jung-bae Park will be in charge of the pitching department.Defense coach Jo Sung-hwan, Koji Operation (3rd base) coach Goto, base running (1st base) coach Jin-ho Jeong, battery coach Yuji Serizawa, and training coaches Jong-min Cheon, Gwang-hee Cho, and Jong-su Yoo guard the first team dugout.The Futures (2nd team) team consisted of coach Lee Jeong-hoon, pitching coaches Kwon Myeong-cheol, Kim Sang-jin, and Kim Ji-yong, hitting coach Lee Do-hyeong, defense coach Kang Seok-cheon, operations and base running coach Kim Dong-han, and battery coach Kim Jin-su.Coach Jo In-seong, Coach Boung-yeom, and Kyung-taek Cho are in charge of the 무료슬롯게임 rehabilitation and remaining groups, while training coaches Gwang-woo Lee and Deok-hyeon Lee add their strength.

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