Kyung-hoon Lee, now in his 6th year on the PGA Tour, is determined to shake off last year’s slump and start the new season with a fresh mind.Lee Gyeong-hoon has two wins in total on the PGA Tour, but he did not achieve any notable results last year.In particular, the PGA Tour for the 2024 season changed its system to provide more opportunities to participate in special tournaments only if you were in the top 50 in last season’s FedEx Cup points.

Lee Gyeong-hoon, who did not make it into the top 50, said in a video press conference with Korean reporters on the 23rd, “I feel like a rookie,” and “This year will be a year where I focus more on getting into the top 50 of the FedEx Cup.”Kyung-Hoon Lee said, “The PGA Tour is a place where fierce competition for survival takes place, where if you let your guard down even a little, you will fall behind,” but added, “On the contrary, the fierce competition became motivation, and this soon became the secret to survival.” Kyung-Hoon Lee, who feels that he has grown as he works hard, said, “But these days, I am finding happiness in golf.”

Gyeong-Hoon Lee, who will participate in the PGA Tour’s Farmers Insurance Open, which opens on the 25th (Korean time), predicted, “It is a difficult course where you miss the green a lot no matter how good your shot is, so your short game and putt will determine your performance.”Lee Gyeong-hoon, who practiced a lot of iron shots last winter, said, “If I can reduce the ups and downs of the putt, I will be able to play in a position to aim for the championship.”This year, the Paris Summer Olympics and the Presidents Cup, a golf competition against the United States, will be held.Lee Gyeong-hoon said, “It’s good to participate in a big game, but I have to recover my performance first,” and made up his mind, “I will learn more and find ways to improve on days 온라인카지노 when the game is not going well.”

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