LG coach Yoon Kyung-yup “Aiming for 14 wins in 24 games…satisfied with the combative atmosphere”

The LG Twins are cruising to their first regular-season title in 29 years, with just 24 games remaining.

LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop believes that 14 wins and 10 losses is the “safe zone” for direct qualification for the Korean Series.

“Now that the remaining 24 games are up for grabs, my blood is dry,” Yeom said ahead of the SSG Landers game at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Saturday, adding, “14 wins and 10 losses is the goal.”

With 71 wins, 47 losses, two draws and a winning percentage of 0.602, LG is 5.5 games ahead of second-place kt wiz.

If the team finishes the season with 85 points, including the 14 wins Yeom suggested, it will be difficult for the rest of the teams to catch up.

In that case, KT will need to win 18 of its remaining 20 games, while third-place NC will need to win at least 20 of its remaining 24 games.

LG, which has been in first place all along and was once trailing KT by 4.5 games, has managed to increase its lead.

“It’s good that the players are in a combative mood, not a chasing mood,” Yeom said, “In previous years, there was a chasing mood for LG. Now it has changed to a combative atmosphere. It’s one of the things the coach expects.”

In particular, Yeom believes that last year’s bad luck in fall baseball has become a “bitter pill to swallow.

LG finished second in the regular season and went straight into the playoffs, but after taking the first game of the series against the Kiwoom Heroes, they lost the next three games and were eliminated.

“We have experience from last year, so the coaching staff asks for positive things from the players. We need to play baseball boldly and run the bases boldly,” he said.

With the old mantra of ‘the best defense is offense’ in mind, LG is looking forward to the moment when the magic number becomes ‘0’. 안전놀이터

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