“If this is going to happen, disband the National University” China’s poor performance in Asian Cup upsets soccer fans

China’s Zhang Linfeng and Lebanon’s Sabra compete for the ball in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup group A match between China and Lebanon held at Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 17th (local time).

The Chinese national anthem team achieved a tough draw against Tajikistan and Lebanon, which are considered relative underdogs, in the Asian Cup.

As the possibility of being eliminated from the round of 16 increases due to disappointing performances in which the team did not score a single goal in two games, Chinese soccer fans are also showing a cool reaction to the national soccer team.

According to the Chinese News Network on the 18th, China showed a lethargic performance in the second match of the Asian Cup preliminaries against Lebanon the previous day, resulting in a draw. In the first match prior to this, they failed to score a single goal against Tajikistan, who were playing in the Asian Cup for the first time, and ended in a draw. 카지노사이트랭크

Tajikistan and Lebanon, whom China met in the preliminaries, are ranked 106th and 107th in the FIFA rankings. China’s FIFA ranking is 79th.

As Chinese soccer suffered a ‘big disgrace’ on the international stage, Chinese soccer fans can no longer tolerate it.

On Chinese SNS, “Does Chinese men’s soccer still have fans? Isn’t the group suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?”, “I overestimated Chinese soccer too much,” and “I’d rather not watch it.” There are harsh criticisms such as “I feel more at ease when I don’t see it,” “I’m tired of saying that the national team should be disbanded,” and “China’s FIFA ranking is about 150th.”

Local media also points out, citing Chinese social media reactions, that “there is an assessment that this national team is the weakest in history.” Fengpai Newspaper said, “In the past Asian Cups in which the Chinese national soccer team has participated, there has never been a time when they failed to score a single goal in 180 minutes (two games) of preliminaries,” adding, “Including the 0-3 loss to Iran in the semifinals of the last Asian Cup, “We haven’t scored a single goal in three consecutive games,” he pointed out.

The Chinese soccer team’s next opponent is Qatar, which has already confirmed its advancement to the round of 16. If they win the game against Qatar, they can advance to the round of 16 on their own.

Qatar won 1-0 over Tajikistan, and China, which recorded two draws, is in second place after Qatar with two points. In relation to this, the Chinese newspaper network is keeping a spark of hope alive by saying, “It is great news for the Chinese national team,” but the reaction from soccer fans is still cold.

Then, soccer fans said, “Anyone would think that the host country, Qatar, gave up on the game,” “Because they are not good enough, they are pinning their hopes on the results of other teams’ games,” “Is the national team now leaving the game to luck?”, “The national team is Reactions such as “Book your plane tickets, prices go up on weekends (after the game)” were given. 섯다

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